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Business card scans - Contact not looked up on Linkedin

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I checked a number of times and my evernote app and I'm definitely signed in to linkedin (i signed out and signed in again) It looks like no matter what I try, the contacts are not looked up or linked to their linkedin accounts (which was working just fine a few months ago)


I tried many business cards and also using the scannable app but nothing seems to work.


Any ideas why this might be?

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I am signed into my Linkedin account in my account settings.  I have scanned some business cards that link to their corresponding Linkedin contact correctly, but some don't link to any contact on Linkedin nor give me the promt to link to Linkedin.  This particular contact is already a contact of mine on Linkedin, but Evernote is not syncing to it. Any suggestions?  Also, is there a way to go in and sync a scanned business card to Linkedin after it has been saved?



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4 hours ago, Hobbit_CZ said:

Have exactly the same problem as jessicaSL. But I see that here I can wait for support answer really long time.

See similar query -

...and for the record this isn't Support. You can contact support directly if you're a paid subscriber,  or anyone can message them on Twitter

Plus Support can't really help here - see the other thread.  There's nothing wrong with the business card process as it currently works,  it's just that there are some features it currently lacks...

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