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Font size in notes list unpredictable on iPhone/iPad



I am relatively new to Evernote on iOS, so apologies if I have my terminology wrong.


I have been a heavy user of Evernote on PC for a few months now. I have been using iOS apps mainly to clip from Safari. However, today, I went to take some notes on my iPad and noticed some odd behavior.


I am using Evernote on my iPad Mini 3 (iOS 8.4, not sure what version of Evernote, but it's not showing up needing an Upgrade in my App Store, so I'm guessing 7.7.9). I noticed that the notes titles were showing up in the listing with very, very small type.


When I went to compare with my iPhone 5s (same versions), I was surprised to find that the font was actually fairly large and legible. My iPhone has Settings/Accessibility/Larger Text turned on, but not the iPad.


So, I tried turning on the Larger Font on the iPad with no visible effect. It was only after I clicked back on the home screen and then clicked Notes again before the larger font sizes began to appear, so it seems like there is a refresh missing.


Also, on both the iPhone and iPad, i notice that some of the listings appear in the wrong size. Sometimes, after opening a note, the font size in the listing will change from large to small, vice versa, or will not change at all. Sometimes the same note will do one or more of these actions depending on when it's clicked on (so not sure if one note is influencing the next)? Sometimes, opening the note on one device will change the behavior on the other device (whether the font size changes, which way it changes, or stays the same) on the other device when next opened.


I've attached two screen caps so you can see what I mean. On the iPad you can see two different font sizes. On the Phone, three. These screen caps were taken within minutes of each other.





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Thanks for sending in your issue. Your best results will come from re-launching the app after making Text size changes. We'll look to handle that better in a future release.


Can you please let me know what you were doing just before getting the note titles with different size text? I can't seem to reproduce that. Also, is it still happening?




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