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Stacks, E-mails and Notebooks

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To be clear, emails are sent to notebooks, not stacks.  A stack represents a group of notebooks.  So if you don't want the emails to be a part of a stack then the emails need to be moved to notebooks which ARE NOT a part of the stack in question. 

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Hi Greg... If you're asking about not having your emails show up in "All Notes" and only in the notebooks you've filed them to, you're out of luck. All notes is just that... it's the whole bang shoot... and it's helpful at times when you want to filter your account globally. 


Like @csihilling explained: notebooks may or may not be nested in stacks. If you're viewing all notes in a stack, you're going to see all notes in all notebooks therein. 


The only way to not see your emails (while in whatever stack or notebook they're in) is to tag them all with whatever tag and then exclude that tag from your search. There is no particular plus or premium feature that will aid you in doing this... in that sense all Evernote users are on an equal footing. 

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