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Adding Tags to a part of note

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I have a doubt. Is it possible to add tags for only a selected text from a note.


For Example. I have a notes with about 10 paragraphs. and I want to add tag only to the third paragraph of the note. So it will be easy for me if i search them by tag i will be able to read them all related to the tag

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In a word:  No.


Tags can be assigned ONLY to the entire Note.


But you could do this:  Enter specially coded text just above the paragraph of interest, like ST_SectionName

You could also assign a "top level" tag to the Note.  So you could use the combination to find the paragraph on interest.



Note Tag:  AnnualTasks

Section "Tag":  ST__Home


Then you would do a Search for:  tag:AnnualTasks ST__Home

Evernote should return the Notes that match, and highlight the ST__Home  section "tag" within the Note.

I tried to use special characters like ##SectionTag## to denote the section tag, but Evernote Search ignores all special characters except for  underscore.

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Very nice @JMichael :-)

Also, if it's a (text) tag you plan on using a lot, you might want to use phrase expansion software to compete the entire tag phrase each time you type in some Autotext characters. You can also use shortcuts on iOS.

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