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Jorte + Evernote


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I've been using Jorte Calender for many years. And bought many icons (Hello Kitty!)

So this when Jorte starts sync with Evernote I was curios. And I tested. Like it!

And I can recommend Jorte if you what to have your notes in calendar.

  • Synchronize with several Calendar Services.
  • Supported in 27 languages.
  • Launcher Function send a schedule appointment as a URL link.
  • Widgets on Android devices Home Screen.
  • All you can Use!
  • Icons and Daily calendars
  • Attach Notes from Evernote to Events:
With Jorte Premium you can attach notes from Evernote on the events on Jorte. This is a convenient feature to use, if you need to attach notes from a conference that you are attending to the schedule of the event for instance, and other similar cases.

Premium $2.99/month $29.99/year








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Got one via Twitter

How select notes to be visible in the calendar?


The answer is

- You can import one or more notebook into your calendar (you can have 5 different, I have one for 4 notebooks, one very private, one with import of Google Cal, and Timesheet and some more and two for various Evernote notebooks.)


I miss import by tag. If you use one big notebook with all (very many) notes this feature can be hard to use. But not impossible.


The note in the calendar is clickable. Quick access to the note, and you can edit it as usual.


And task connects with your set reminder. It creates a new tasklist in getting called Evernote reminder :) !

And click on the task and the note is opened


Pictures are delayed... kidneystone suchs!

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