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"Note" > "Move to Notebook..." command disabled (grayed out)


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In the Windows client, the "Note" > "Move to Notebook..." option is grayed out and not responding to keyboard commands or mouse click.


I can still move notes through every other method I know:

  • Right-clicking the note in the note list.
  • Clicking the notebook dropdown indicator above the note itself.
  • Popping the note out into it's own window (<ctrl>+<Enter>).  Keyboard commands work.


I've tried syncing & restarting.  Also checked for updates (none found: version


This is not preventing me from doing what I want to do, but at this point my keyboard habits are pretty fixed so this keeps throwing me out of my "zone".  I'm a creature of habits,  *some* of which are not even bad for me.  If anyone has a way to fix this I'd appreciate it.

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Well.....     Hm.


Now it's working.  I just got to my computer today and flipped over to Evernote and it's working just fine.  I haven't even restarted it.  I've worked too many hours of tech support in my life to be fully comfortable with that but hey, I'll take it.


The unsatisfying possibilities that I can come up with:

  1. Something weird is going on with Evernote.
  2. Something weird is going on with my computer.
  3. Something weird is going on with my mind.

Currently I favor #3.


I appreciate the response, and I'll update this thread if this particular symptom pops up again.


(just for the record I have re-installed and moved Evernote around.  I was actually getting ready to give up and try a different "keeper" until I was able to get it moved onto an SSD.  Now I'm in love again /grin)

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Don't be too tough on yourself.  May not be your case, but I have had instances where "suddenly" familiar hotkeys stopped working.  Either an exit/restart or reboot of my system fixed it.  I don't know if it was EN or some other app that clobbered things, but the toggle worked.  FWIW.


Though I never did see a grayed out when shouldn't be issue...

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