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(Archived) Bug with columns in list view



I've discovered a bug in Evernote for Mac:

On List View, you can customize which columns to display by right-clicking on the column headers and checking/unchecking the columns you want to see.

However, after you quit and relaunch Evernote, it completely ignores the columns you have chosen to display/not display. Instead Evernote returns to the default columns all over again.

Furthermore, Evernote also ignores the widths of the columns you had set, and Evernote also ignores the ordering of the columns you had set as well.



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I just tested this, and I was able to reproduce the problem with column sizes ... the changes I made were lost when I restarted the client.

The list of columns, and the order of columns, appeared to persist correctly, however. E.g. I added the "Author" column and moved it to the second position, then Quit the app. When I restarted, it was still there (but resizing was lost).

You could try:

Quit Evernote from the menu bar

Open the Mac "Terminal" application

Paste this into the terminal window:

defaults delete com.evernote.Evernote

Start Evernote

After doing this, are you able to add and remove columns in a way that stays?


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Thanks so much. Yes, I already threw away the preferences. I should probably clarify my original bug post, however, because I now see more clearly what the problem is. The problem seems to be limited strictly to the "Created" column. If you REMOVE the "Created" column, it comes back again after a relaunch of Evernote.

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