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Feature Request: user defined font styles



I know EN does not try to be a word processor, nevertheless I think it would be very handy (in PC versions at least) to define text "styles".


I have a number of text styles I use in my notes that involve a particular font, color, size, etc..   At the moment I have to select each piece of text within the note and repeatedly set the same font, color, size etc. in order to have consistent formatting.   In the case of the font itself, this means having to scroll through a long list of fonts to find the one I want every time (usually Courier because I want fixed pitch on that section, but I don't want the whole note in Courier).   I try and use the same styling in most of my notes.


Does anyone else think being able to define a handful of styles would be handy ?   They could then be selected in a drop-down list on the formatting toolbar.


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Let me know when you've implemented this and maybe I'll give Evernote another try. Seems good but not useful without being able to do basic things like change font (three fonts available on my font dropdown menu; choosing a color for text—black, for example—has no effect!), and I need also more to set combinations of characteristics into Styles.



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15 hours ago, Everazephyr said:

Let me know when you've implemented this

You probably won't get a personalized invitation,  but if you keep up with the Evernote Blog,  or dip back in with a free Basic account every so often,  you'll be aware of developments as and when they happen...

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Big supporter of this idea. I do use templates that I can copy and paste for ease of editing and wouldn't mind the "simple" (in usage, not necessarily in implementation) feature of style painting that exists in a ton of software that aren't word processors (Powerpoint as an example). I'd be fine posting a template with specific Header and style information and then copy/pasting the font style instead of, as octans noted, having to re-style every block to suit the organization structure that the user would want to have.

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Yes pls on all platforms.

I'd like to add the following HUGE benefits:

  • On mobile apps minimizing the number of taps on the screen unrelated to authoring your notes is crucial - e.g. to change to a style I use for heading 1 in my notes I have to tap 2+ times for every setting of font, size, and type face (bold) = 6+ taps (minimum before I can write a single word)
  • Keeping your notes looking consistent and according to your chosen styles - I keep finding that I change from one note to an older note and the fonts and sizes I've used are different, so EVERNOTE please realise that it's not the actual size or type face that is important here, it's being able to style notes consistently!
  • I am fickle (I find most users are). I quite like the idea of being able to apply consistent styling to a group of notes and then to be able to tweak the styling of that group of notes as a whole - other applications call it "stationary" or "templates".
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