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How to Convert notes to PDF / Word / HTML? (Without the PC Version)

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Hi! My Gmail account was blocked and i Don't remember my Evernote password.

So I want to recover my notes throught a backup but i don't know how to do it. Because the app doesn't show any way to do it. Evernote obligates us to use the PC version but i Can't.

1. "Want to do a backup of my note?" -> "Ok, Go to the PC Version"
2. Evernote says "Please, Logg in" But i Don't remember my password"
3. "Don't remember your password? Ok, we will send it to you through email" But My Gmail is blocked.

So what can I do?

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Using a Mac or PC, Goto Evernote.com Account Settings.

click on the "Manage Email" link and change your email to an account that you own.


EDIT:  Ok, if you don't know your PW then the above won't work.


GoTo  Submit Support Ticket and select "Trouble Logging In".

Describe your problem and submit.

Evernote should contact you with the process to resolve your issue.

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