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Character substitution deficient after Win10 upgrade

Glenn Linderman

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I use the character   ✓  to check off things I've done in lists I've made in notes in Evernote.


When trying to check off the "upgrade to Windows 10" item (OK, I didn't really have one of those, but in trying to check of a different item after the Windows 10 upgrade), I got a "can't find a font with that character" box, instead of a ✓.


On rare occasion under Windows 7 (which I upgraded from), I would get that box instead of the ✓, but not I see that all the items that had ✓ before now have the box, in the edit panel for the note.


Curiously, though, for a couple notes that now have the box early enough in the note, I still see the ✓ in the snippet view of the note listing!


So, I'm confused as to:


why characters that used to display ✓ successfully now display the box, even though ✓ is still displayed in the snippet.


why upgrading to Windows 10 would cause this problem, as the font containing ✓ appears to still be available on the system, usable by Firefox for this posting


How to get my ✓ displayable again


Just in case the ✓ isn't appearing by the time you see this, it is a checkmark character, codepoint U+2713

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