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Business Card Scanning suggested improvements

Hester M


Hi great feature, but I think you could improve it a lot:


  • Have a dedicated Business Card Notebook which allows sorting of cards by Name/Company, etc.
  • Phone numbers
    • For Australian users the scanned data forces the phone number scanned into USA format. My iPhone contacts does a good job at this, so suggest you copy what they've done. 
    • When manually entering a phone number you can't put in spaces, so all the numbers appear consecutively. Makes it harder to read off.
  • Camera recognition could still be improved I think, often it struggles with business cards with different colours, etc. Not sure how you do that though!





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re the above it looks like changes have been made to correct the layout for Australia landline numbers, but the format is still quite messy for mobile numbers.


E.g. mobile numbers are normally written as 0414 999 999 or with country code: +61 (0) 414 999 999.


With business cards that I scan in, the mobile number comes up as +61 (4) 4149 9999.


Would be great if you could fix this. 



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Yes! I concur with the above comments. It would be great if the phone numbers tracked regional settings on the scanning device. 


Having said that I really do like Evernote and find myself using it more & more.



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