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Saving Youtube video links?

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In the Chrome Evernote extension, I'm given the option to saved a Youtube video when on a Youtube page. It results in an image such as this:




If I click it, it takes me to the Youtube video like any other link. I can't edit or copy it.


The Firefox extension does not give me this option.


How can I manually add a picture link such as this to a note?

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1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video.

2. Make a note in Evernote and give it a title "My YouTube video"

3. Right click the title and move the mouse to the left. The title should now be highlighted

4. Now right click the highlighted, and a menu opens up and go to hyperlink.

5. Enter the URL information from step 1. Click OK

5. Now when you click on this text it will open up the URL !!



David in Wichita

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If you started a blog, set up an image with an embedded link (in a post) and then clipped the blog article to EN then you could do that. Good luck!


EDIT: No need to set up a blog :P  See below.

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Thanks for the post, but I need a hyperlinked image, not text.


In EN Mac, click on the image to select it, the press CMD + K to open the Assign Hyperlink box.

I'm not sure if this works in EN Win or not?  Can someone test it?

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