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Any reason why justify isn't included in the options for text formatting (left,centre, right)? I would be greedy and ask for full HTML editing of Evernote posts .... but I guess that's an impossibility :>


[edit] Please add text flow around and sizing of images to my list of outrageous demands.

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Wow. All my Christmas's have come at once. (Note: obviously it doesn't take much to keep me happy). This above script (in English) will work on the "old" Evernote web version but not the web "beta". It adds a button (</>HTML) when you enter Evernote edit mode. I enabled user JS scripts using GreaseMonkey in Firefox.




You might find this HTML reference useful. I think Evernote (or my browser) likes HTML5 but I was able to add the following (edits in red) successfully to one of my notes.

<p style="text-align:justify">

<img src="https://www.evernote.com/blag.jpg?resizeSmall&width=703"alt="" name="blah" class="en-media" align="left">

Hardly earth shattering changes but proves the brute force approach can work. I will drop a note to the author to see if he can update the script to work with the Evernote web beta.


Thanks a lot for the reply.

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