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Synchronization Failed for new notes

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I am new to everynote and right now very frustrated with the product.


I attended a conference and I created 7 new notes. I noticed a red dot on the synchronization icon. when I click on it ... it says 7 errors for synchronization on all the new notes which I created.


It said that I should export the new notes. Remove them from evernote and then try sync again. so I did exactly that.


But even after exporting and removing my new notes. the error icon and the "synchronization failed for 7 notes" is still there.


I even restarted my machine... but nothing helps.


It seems that Evernote has signed a "death warrant" for itself and will neither sync nor forget about these 7 new notes.


Any advice for me? besides moving to another note taking product?

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This is very unusual, and very strange.

It seems very unlikely that ALL 7 notes would not be able to sync.

What's in the Notes?  Text?  Images?  Both?

What is unusual about the Notes?

What is common to all the Notes?


if you are still getting the sync error, it would be very helpful if you could do a screenshot to capture the error window.


What versions of OS and Evernote are you running?

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It contains images. the size of the files is also not excessive.


I have removed everything from evernote and these are my exported files.


Also, today is the 1st and I have not uploaded anything this month.




My biggest gripe at the moment is that why doesn't evernote forget about the old notes which have already been removed? why is it still trying to sync the notes which I have already removed.


What versions of OS and Evernote are you running?

OSX Yosemite.
All notes contain images.
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If you deleted the Notes, they are in the EN Trash, which is considered a "sync'd notebook".

So you will need to empty the EN Trash.


I doubt that the export to ENEX, and then import back in will fix anything.

Are your other Notes syncing OK?


To troubleshoot, look at the EN Activity Report in the Help menu.


What Ver of EN are you using?

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