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Stop upselling Premium for Plus subscribers

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New Evernote Plus user here. After using the free app for about two months, I have finally decided to pay for the service in order to reward the developers/company for creating the product.


For some reason now, however, I am left thinking whether it was a good decision:

  1. I can afford to pay for the Premium subscription but after comparing the Plus vs the Premium features - I have decided I am only going to be using the Plus features.

    For example:
    1. Presentations - No point in using this at work as we have a company-wide Powerpoint template that we have to use when presenting.
    2. Business cards - Never a fan of physical business cards and I just find them to be additional clutter.
    3. Related content - No use for me.
  2. I was under the impression that if I at least pay for the service, all the "Upgrade" buttons and notifications will go away but no, I still see them occupying the bottom of my iPhone and iPad apps.
  3. In my opinion, this is poor taste in trying to upsell. I feel shortchanged because I have paid for the service but cannot "visually" see anything different from the free version it seems.

I am seriously hoping they remove these annoyances.


Just my two cents.



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