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Windows Explorer - Root Folder

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Hi folks I am a 1st timer. I want to know does Evernote have a root folder, in explorer that syncs with evernote? Similar to applications like: Sugarsync, OneNote or dropbox.

As a company we want too start working on Evernote but we sit with a problem. We all work on a excel spreadsheet(Monthly activity) that is currently shared among +-10 people. So that they can continuously update their progress.

In Evernote it is not possible to work with this spreadsheet because their is no root folder for evernote, because everytime someone saves it saves back to the source. Currently that is on a server (Windows NT2012).

We want to move away from the server and go the "cloud" route. I no OneNote will work but I love the simplicity of Evernote...

I really hope someone can help me...





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Hi.  If you're looking to have nearly a dozen separate accesses to the same file,  updating individual entries from time to time,  Evernote probably isn't the app you're looking for.  It's good for read-only shares.  and for small scale collaborations where changes are being worked on in a group.  But where user A's changes happen at 08:01 and user B's changes happen at 08:02,  it seems to me there's a good chance that the file won't have updated itself from user A before the other data overwrites the file.  I certainly don't use Evernote in this way.  However all flavours of Evernote share the same basic DNA,  including the free version you can download and try for yourself.  So why not get a couple of colleagues to share a trial and set up a dummy spreadsheet?


I'd suggest you use Work Chat to share a note containing that spreadsheet amongst your colleagues,  and try it out.


Edit: even if you wind up using different storage,  Evernote could be a good place to store a link to the file so everyone can find it quickly and easily!

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