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Evernote doesn't work on my iphone 6 with 3G or 4g

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Hi from Spain,

I have just noticed sibce a few days ago that I can't set Evernote to sync with 3G. I try to turn on the slider on Mobile datas for (the screen where you select what apps can use 3G or 4G). And everytime I try to slide to ON, the slider goes back to off. And I can't do nothing to do it.

My account is free. I don't know if evernote has decided to block this feature for free users. But if evernote has decided I think is very very bad movement.




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All accounts, including Free accounts, should be able to sync on all devices.

Could be a problem with the install on your iPhone.

Try deleting the Evernote app and reinstalling.

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Evernote has no ability to control the state of settings in your Phone's Settings application (no application does). Evernote can only control settings within the Evernote application itself. If the Settings app>Cellular>Use Cellular Data For is not maintaining your setting, that is likely an issue with the OS or with your device. 

Which version of iOS are you running?

Have you jailbroken your device? 

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