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There is not enough space on the device to sync your notes.



Since yesterday, I've been plagued by the error "There is not enough space on the device to sync your notes" on my Android phone that keeps coming back every few seconds when I swipe it away.


1. There is plenty of free space left on my device.

2. It's friggin' textfiles and 1 (one!) image in one of those textfiles. No new notes have been added for a long time, only one note has been actively edited recently: a short plaintext grocery shopping list that didn't grow in filesize as items come and go in it. No big changes in other apps on my phone either.

3. You barely need space for a few lines of plain text. It's not like I'm storing HD movies.

4. Looks like there is "not enough space left" on my device to keep your bullshit software. It's become bloatware in the last few months, underperforming, the "Work chat" thing was horribly executed and for gods sake, stop nagging to go for a premium version for just two minutes if your user has already given you a "no".


Gonna give OneNote a spin. Goodbye Evernote! It's been fun for a while, until you took the "We're going for businesses now and completely ruin it for home users" turn.


/end of rant.

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Why do so called power users have to add a sarcastic jibe towards the end of the comment after they post replies such as 'We sympathise with you kinds', almost effectively removing the wrongs done by Evernote..

Clearly there is some logic for this user to rant and claim that he is going somewhere else. But if we are gonna take sarcastic jibes, why post such messages at all, I wonder..

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I'm genuinely sorry if you thought that comment was a sarcastic jibe - it was just an observation that some or all of the issues complained of had already been acknowledged by Evernote,  and a request for help might have been more productive than a tirade.  Thanks for the implied compliment about being a 'power user' though..

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Hi.  Sorry you were disappointed.  If you had searched around here you would have seen that Evernote did acknowledge that some of their recent changes were a bad idea.  They've already made some changes.  Perhaps you could have posted a request for help or gone to Support for assistance. 


But if you found a better option,  then good luck with your new software...  

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