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(Archived) Best Practices for Copy / Paste and Formatting Text



This thread is for those of us who need help in getting consistent formatting when creating or pasting text into Evernote. From reading the review and post it appears that people are spending alot of time reformatting text (fonts & bullets / but no pictures) that been copied/paste'd from other programs such as email or MS Word. Only to pull it up on the Web or iPhone and see all carriage returns gone and the note unreadable. If you have a issue or a solution please post it here.

Kicking things off with two issues

1. Copied Text into EverNote (Mac) appears as Bold - Everything is Bolded where as the original document maybe only the title was in bold.

2. Notes in EverNote (Mac) lose their carriage returns when viewed on iPhone or the Web versions.

Any ideas?

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