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Location Services, EN helper app, and what is it sending out?

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I have noticed that at seemingly random times, the Location Services icon will pop up in my toolbar.  Today, I had no browsers open, and saw it pop up, as a matter of fact, I had only a terminal open.  I know some background app is up to something, and today, I finally caught it in the act.  EverNote Helper Application.  Now, I don't care that it is doing location lookups, that is part of the applications feature set.  However, if I don't have EN launched, it should not be getting my location.


While i understand the helper app is always running in the background, as I have set the preferences that way, I think, to it is just how it is, what I don't get, is why it is contacting outbound.  I have not made a note in hours, I have not interacted with EN in any way all day today actually.


So, since I am assuming that there is no way that EN is sending my address info over the wire over SSL, when I watch the wire as traffic passes over it, what am I going to find?

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