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(Archived) Saved Search notes have all words highlighted?


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When accessing a note from the Menu > Notes section everything is working great.

When accessing the same notes from Saved Searches the words are all highlighted as if a search for every word in the note was executed.

Is anyone else seeing this?


PS. - I'm loving Evernote on Android. Thanks for the hard work.

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If you go back and click New search, you will see your saved search property. At the end, it seems, somehow, a space or 2 are added before *. If you backspace those space before *. It will give you high-lighted word. Not sure if it is a bug for Android client or its own web client...

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Thanks for the reply. The search works correctly in the windows and web client. I'm only seeing the weirdness in Android 1.3.

The search was created in the Windows client and looks like this.


When I look at it in android by following the instructions you posted it looks like this:

notebook:"Next Actions" tag:@Work *

The problem is, when creating the Saved Search from the windows client there was a space after work, looking like "tag:@Work ". The windows client and website handle it OK but Android adds the "*" to the end of the search, looking like "tag:@Work *" causing the mass-highlighting issue.

I'll point Evernote support to this thread in hopes they can the issue.

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