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Multiple Taskbar Icons




this is on Windows 10

If i pin evernote to the windows Taskbar, then click to open it, i get another icon instead of it opening in the current icon (see image attached)


Any Ideas





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This happened on and off for me on Windows 8 too. Slightly annoying!


Now with W10 I have another icon hassle: I get only the big ugly old IE "e" icon for Evernote on my Start menu/when I pin it on the Taskbar... The program opens all right, but I miss the elephant!! -The mini-icon, bottom right, is still a green elephant, to my great comfort.


Was this Windows 10 that did it and are we getting some help for this, I wonder...

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I'm also having this issue with the duplicate icons. No other app is presenting the same issue in Windows 10 for me.


Same thing happening on iTunes 12.2 so its not just EN..


Yeah I remember having the problem frequently with iTunes back when I still used it, but that was always a quick fix. You basically just had to play around with pinning and unpinning the icons separately until it worked. Nothing I do will get this Evernote icon to stop duplicating itself though.

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I'm having this problem too (Windows 10 Home, 64 bit).

Also, when the Evernote app is open, the Jump List shortcuts doesn't seem to work. I mean, if I clic any of the options of the Jump List ("New Note", "Search Note", etc.) in the "duplicate" icon nothing happens. Moreover, the pinned icon desn't have any Jump List items.

This is really frustrating...

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I have tried several things to correct this problem:

  1. shutting down EN, unpinning, rebooting, repinning
  2. pinning from the start menu
  3. pinning from the then-running, duplicate icon
  4. rebuilding the icon cache (see this EN forum thread, last post, from 2013)

Around the web, I've seen that other apps, including iTunes and Skype, can have this problem when installing on Windows 10. But not all apps have this problem.


This page describes why we might be seeing duplicate icons. It also says a bit about how Win 7, 8, and 10 store taskbar icons: http://www.ghacks.net/2015/08/04/fix-duplicate-icon-issues-on-the-windows-taskbar/ (the path mentioned is slightly incorrect. It's %AppData%\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar). I've tried removing EN shortcuts here, adding new shortcuts from scratch, and rebuiding the icon cache mentioned above.
So, my educated(citation needed) guess: the install scripts EN uses need to be adjusted for Windows 10 in some way.
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Still a bug and at this point for me is only with Evernote.  I had the issue with iTunes but replaced the .lnk file with one from a machine where the icon was not duplicated and that worked for iTunes so for me this is only an issue with Evernote, hoping there is a fix very soon - thanks

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This issue is fixed for me since updating the app. Thanks guys!


Thanks for fixing this.


I went back to Windows 7 though - Windows 10 is not for me. <_<


You wasted your time doing that. The only difference between Windows 7 and 10 in terms of usability is the start menu. You could have just installed Start10 to have a Windows 7 start menu in Windows 10.

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To pin the icon to the task bar, open the program, right click on the icon as it shows in the task bar and then you will see a "Pin to taskbar" selection. This worked for me in Windows 10.

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Problem still there with latest version of Evernote and Windows 10. I just purchased a new laptop with Windows 10; previously was using an older laptop with Windows 7. Installed Evernote, pinned it to the task bar, and whenever I open Evernote a second icon appears on the task bar. I checked if there were any updates and Evernote said I have the latest version installed,

What should I do?

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