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Cannot sign into Evernote from my Lenonvo Yoga -desktop mode


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Since yesterday I have noticed that i cannot sign into Evernote from Chrome on my Lenovo Yoga.

It starts up the page but when trying to validate my sign in I get the Chrome "He's dead, Fred" message.  


I can sign it from my Dell notebook without a problem.


My cynical view is that Evernote thinks the Lenovo is a tablet, as the evernote.com is all about downloading downloading. The moment I try to sign in, the familiar Notes page start and then dies.


Any suggestions will be welcome


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Hi.  Have you tried another browser?  Can you use the installed app version?  Have you tried backing up any database you may have,  then uninstalling and reinstalling as Administrator?

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Thanks for your suggestion, but I distinctly don't want to install a PC client  for Evernote even if Evernote nags me to do it every time I log in.


I also don't care if I can get to it from another browser because I use Chrome exclusively. 


It only fails to sign me in on the Lenovo Yoga.  Both other laptops in the house have no issue.





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The error is a generic chrome error and I have forwarded it to them (google) with an explanation.  (and it is "He's dead, Jim", sorry)


Fact is that the evernote.com page, now filled with  blows up the moment I try to sign in.  Only on the Lenovo.  Doing the same on other laptops does not.


More boring details: Google queries that return clipped articles will actually take me to the page of the article in evernote, but when I hit Home, the home  page blows up again, at the point where it starts to paint the landing page after sign in.  


Evernote suggest I clear my cache and cookies.  Will try that and report. 



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