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Please make it possible to see photos in full screen view on Android



Currently it is only possible to view a small photo with a menu above the photo. When tapping on the photo the menu should disappear and the photo should be shown in full view.


It is really strange that there is no way to see a photo (or slide through them) in full view.



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Hi.  To the best of my knowledge Evernote has no interest in becoming a Gallery clone - there are far better options out there from Google Photos to Flickr,  all of which will allow you to edit and manipulate pictures with far more flexibility than Evernote.  You might consider an option of (forinstance) copying a shortcut to a Flickr (or any other) album into Evernote,  and browsing from there?

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Hi Gaz,


this was not my issue. I don't need a gallery and I don't need to edit or manipulate my picutres, I want to be able to see my pictures/scans without wasting 1/2 of my screen.

Look at the example to see what I mean.

All red marked spaces are wasted. This picture is made from this phone and normally fits exactly the screen.

By the way: When you export a picture you are not able to edit/undo skitch-annotations any more.




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It's a fair point that once having uploaded a picture of any sort it makes more sense to see the whole as a default view and (maybe) zoom in as an option if there are points of special interest...  Evernote do (they say) read these posts,  though they will rarely comment;  consider the feature request raised!

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Yes, this would be good.


The current problem: Even if you zoom in into the picture it does not grow. The thick menu at the top stays there and the picture goes behind it. Currently there is no chance to see a picture in full screen size with Evernote. You can only send it to another app and then see it there.

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