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When someone shares a note with me using chat, I receive a notification in Evernote with a link. Clicking on the link shows me the note.

Question: Where does this note live? I can't find it in any of my notebooks. Where is it? I would have thought it would be in my default notebook, but no. Anybody help please?

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Hi.  On the Windows client:  (I imagine it's similar on Mac)

1. Open the note shared via Work Chat
2. Click on "Note" in the uppermost toolbar
3. Hit "Copy to Notebook..."
4. Choose your destination notebook

(There's the option to preserve your created and updated dates, as well as tags)

NB This gets you a snapshot of the note as it stands when you copy it - it's not a 'live' shared document.  If you need to see the latest version of the note when you need to,  copy the shared note link into a new note you create.  You can jump to the newest version whenever you need to.

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