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Annotate window closes when switching between screens

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Whenever I switch between screens while I have a PDF open for annotation, the PDF is automatically closed. Is there a way to change this so that it remains open? It's frustrating having to reopen and scroll through each time I want to note something down! Thanks.

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This is so annoying, especially with El Capitan's new split screen / full screen functionality where I'd like to be able to make annotations to a PDF in one half of the screen while jotting down notes in the other. Currently, you can put the PDF annotation window full screen but as soon as you attempt to drag a note window next to it the annotate window closes.


As I'm presuming the thought behind this is autosave, is there not some way to autosave without closing the whole annotation window as soon as it loses focus?


You basically can't use Evernote's PDF Annotator if you need to note at the same time which is such a shame. The only thing you can do is to open the PDF in Preview and then make highlights in that, but the functionality doesn't compare to Evernote's Skitch-based solution.

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