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Even Font "Droid Sans Mono" in Windows doesn't sync in Adroid to monospace

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Hi all


I spend now 15+ hours experimenting and reading about the monospace-issue. I'm aware that EN isn't a text editor like Word nor a layout program like InDesign. But it want to be more than Notepad++ regarding fonts, isn't it.


That said, it really should be possible to have any serif, sans and monospace font sync correctly over all platforms. I do see the point of device optimized fonts for readability and I don't care about Times, Bookman, Arial, Verdana, Courier or Segoe or what ever.


BUT: Titels are Sans, Content is Serif, Code is Monospace. This was and will be, isn't it!


After my last experiment -- installing Droid Sans, Droid Sans Mono and Droid Serif on Windows -- I really expected the Android EN App to recognize the monospace font, as it shows correctly in ENML: 

<div>  <span style="font-family: Droid Sans Mono;">    Der blaue Fuchs rennt mit dem Hammer durch die Strassen. Ol 01  </span></div>

This doesn't work after all, and I'm a bit p***ed off by now. I'm a plus user since a few weeks and can't belive this issue is not solved after 4 years or so. 

  1. I guess it really is time now to transform some caffein into serifes and monospace. Managing font-families serif, sans, mono across Platforms in html can't be this hard. If yes, please be as simple as Notepad++ and get rid of the non-working "features"! I can live with spacing issues between <p> and <br /> (isn't without any doubt ever), but font-families should work as in every browser, even IE.
  2. Probably someone got some new ideas/aproaches? I need monospace font for song sheets, aligning text and chords. I got tired of 1000 files in Dropbox; Google Docs because it's an overkill for my use, marking every single file and audio sample for offline use is a pain. 
  3. Speaking of that, I noticed that if I do an EN sync on Android tablet it doesn't sync really? If I go offline and want to show the (on PC) edited note and play the new Audio attachement, it sais: no connection to server. Is that a "feature" too that EN Android gets only the information about a new version and new atachements but not the new data itself? Or is that the other meaning of sync?

I really hope we can solve this somehow. It's like a race car without rev counter or something. And I like this race car, it fits my needs perfectly! Thank you for any information.


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Guess I found a major point: The Android app does not recognize the "font-family" property.


EN Android does recognize the

<font face="Courier New">

tag correctly with Droid Sans Mono -- but using the "clear formatting" function in Windows Client (ctrl+shift+space) replaces the font tag with a

<div style="font-family: Courier, "Courier New", monospace;">

so monospace is lost on Android.


I'd suggest that "clear formatting" does not use font-family property if not supported by Android. Or is that on the road map? Would be good to know for a future proof formating of monospace text.


And just to mention it: EN Android does not recognize the font Droid Sans Mono with the working <font> tag

<div>  <font face="Droid Sans Mono">    Test Notiz für Monospace  </font></div>

which should be installed on every Android device I assume.


It's not over yet...

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Ok, so my final conclusion working with monospace and Evernote for now is (version 7.0.7 Android, Win):

  • If one is editing on Android with courier new never ever insert a linebreak (Enter/Return). That will bring up the linespacing issue and the standard font for the new inserted text. Do copy at least one character (a white space is not enough) plus the linebreak and paste it where you need the new line. Again, if the line before the place you paste has no characters or just a white space, you'll get standard font.
  • If one is editing on Android with courier new never ever place the cursor at the end of line (after last character). Back on Desktop it will bring up the inserted text in standard font. Always place cursor after second last character, do editing, then delete that last character.
  • Never ever use the "clear formatting" function in Windows Client (ctrl+shift+space). It will replace <font face> tag with <div style="font-family"> property, which EN Android will not understand correctly.

Maybe this clarifies EN monospace behavior to someone.


Crazy, somehow, not getting nowadays, what DOS did all the time. :P

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I'm having a similar issue. Typing in cross-platform fonts on my mac seems to work okay when syncing to my windows machine. But doing the same going from windows to mac only works half the time, and in particular it doesn't work for Courier New despite that it's included in the 'basic' font dropdown on the mac. WTF is going on? 

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Does the advent of a "code block" option in the latest Windows Beta (not yet in Mac,  but presumably coming..) solve any issues here?  If not, I can only suggest you report indiviual cases to Evernote so they appreciate the need to resolve font problems.  Until they have new code in both Windows and Mac Desktops (and presumably everywhere else) differences will arise.  There may be work-arounds in the meantime.

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