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Windows Platform UI appears to look and partially act from 4 years ago.


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The interface looks old. I love the web appearance. However, the web appearance isn't as functional as app. I love how google has a right click option to use chosen string to search google. Would love this in evernote as when I clip a hyperlink, it saves as text, I have to add hyper link to it then go. Too many unnecessary steps for this day and age.

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I like to 2nd this. I'm getting more and more disappointed and frustrated with evernotes. Its feeling dated. Try using it on a pc tablet, just *****. I paying good money for this and I don't think its good value anymore.


Someone needs to get on top of this a really get is sorted. I'm started to look for a replacement.

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I tend to prefer performance fixes over style,  and the last time Evernote changed the way the screen looked they got a lot of bad feedback - not saying that redesigns aren't in the pipeline (Evernote won't -usually- comment on work in progress issues...) but if you prefer another app's design, it would be useful to know which one..


As for Google searches - right-clicking works fine in my Win 8 Firefox 40,  though URLs are not always auto-recognised - that,  I'm sure,  they'll fix.

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