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"Open in Evernote" optione gone :(

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I am using an un-update ipad mini which I never want to update (same w/ my iPhone) and using Safari. I use to be able to open anything into Evernote to save for later, but now it seems I can't! The option is gone and I can't seem to find an update or contact Evernote b/c I'm using the Basic version! Is evernote now forcing ppl to pay monthly for what was a standard feature, or is there a fix for this?

P.s. I tried downloading Web Clipper but it won't let me for some reason. Like its not available for my ipad or Safari or something. But really, I loved it the way it was before :(

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The clipper can only be installed on a desktop computer - you actually can't install anything to iOS Safari. To turn back on the web clipping, though, hit your share button on any website in iOS (that box with the arrow coming out of it). See the icons where the Evernote icon used to be? Swipe to scroll along that until you see one with three dots and "More". Tap that, then scroll until you find Evernote and turn the toggle. Now Evernote will pop back up in the list!


Something to note - you cannot clip an image to Evernote if you're at the image's root URL. If you tap the url at the top of the webpage and it ends in something like .jpg or .png or .gif, this will not save to Evernote. I have no idea why - just a clipper/iOS shortcoming.

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