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How to create a new note from a new window?

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On Windows 7,  how do I create a new note from a new window? 

At the moment when I do 'File -> New note' it creates the note within the Evernote application.  I don't want that because something I need to project the notes I'm typing  and I don't want the audience to see what notebooks I have.  




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That's a valid point Erite.

Unfortunately you can't open a new popup window from the get go. At least I don't think so... But what you could do is have a couple of new notes pre-created and open in new windows, ready to go in case you need them...

See @JMichael's post below

... But better still, to show people a little bit more of the behind the scenes without showing your notebooks, you have at least 2 options:

(1) Collapse your notebook and tag lists in the left panel.

(2) Completely hide the left panel by toggling F10. In fact, you could hide everything but your note panel by hitting F10 and F11.

From there you would hit Ctrl+N to open up a new note. You could navigate back to the previous note by hitting Alt + left arrow... Or the left arrow in your uppermost toolbar. This way, you can do without the left panel and note list panel temporarily.

I think that should give you something to tinker with. Good luck!

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On Windows 7,  how do I create a new note from a new window? 


Check under Tools > Options > Shortcuts.

There should be a setting for a global shortcut to open a new note.  I think the default is CTRL + ALT + N

If memory serves, this will open the new note in a separate window.

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