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Is there a way for me to get a list of all the website URLs that I have clipped from?


It would also be nice to get the tags that I have associated with the these URLs.


Ideally, I could select tag(s) and see only URLs from notes with those tags.



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I doubt this is something that Evernote will develop due to the low demand.


You could use the Evernote print option to include tags and the URL at the top of the page for each note.


First, find all notes that contain a URL by searching for:



>File >Print >Options

Check the option boxes you want (Tags and Source URL)


Instead of wasting a lot of expensive ink and paper, I prefer to print to a PDF file. It gives me a chance to visually confirm everything is what I want. 


* Note: The drawback with this method is the note content will be included. If you have a PDF editor, you could cut the note content out afterward.

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I'm on a PC. I was rather looking for a way that didn't involve writing a program!


Yeah, that would be ideal.


Unfortunately, I don't think you can get a list of URLs using the built-in features of either EN Win or EN Mac.

So that leaves scripting, or a much more difficult approach of using the EN API to write a real program.


If you *did* have a Mac, this would be a fairly easy AppleScript to write, probably less than 20 lines of code.

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In my current Windows Beta at least we've regained the option of copying and pasting from the List View screen,  so if you carry out your search and close other views of the notes you'll have a long sortable list of note titles and various attributes including tags.  Right-click the table heading row to include things like URL and exclude anything irrelevant,  then select all and copy/ paste into your document of choice.  It takes a while if you have a large database of URLs (I have 6,482,  apparently).


Try it with your current version - I don't know when copy/ paste from List view came back,  but thanks Evernote for reinstating it!  (It got dropped at some stage a while back and I learned to work around it being missing.)

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