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Why Evernote makes notes automatically?


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I have problem with Evernote desktop application, it makes notes automatically by itself.

Few days ago I found about 5 notes I didnt know about in one of my notebooks, I dont remember what was in this notes, I just deleted them.


Today I send skype friend request (windows 8.1, desktop skype application) and few seconds later evernote desktop make automatically note with this skype request inside. I deleted the note and maybe 1-2 min later avernote makes this notes again.


Is there any setting I dont see, that configure evernote desktop to take notes from some application automatically or is it bug?


Thanks for your help.

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Hi.  Evernote definitely does not create notes 'by itself' - you may have set up some app to create notes automatically,  or created a process to log certain operations;  but you should be able to check by going online to your 'My Account' page and looking at the lists of Applications and Connected Services.

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It's also possible that our friend has deliberately or accidentally shared a notebook, and someone else who has authorized access to that notebook is adding the notes (or has set up an app or script to create them automatically).

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Hi, thank you for replies,


I checked setting online on "My Account" page, there is Evernote for Android, Evernote WebClipper for Firefox, Evernote for Windows, and Sunrise Calendar on my Android phone, notes I mentioned were created automatically from Evernote For Windows (I send friend request on skype and Evernote noted it). It is not problem with hotkey too.


I thing that this is not an issue of shared notebook because this notes were created on my Evernote for Windows first, then after sync they appered in my Evernote web account too.


Tried to reproduce situation today morning, I oped Evernote for Windows, Skype, and make a friend request, nothing happened in evernote. I will post update if I find the reason for this. Thanks

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I solved it, today it happend again,


it is a combination of Evernote desktop app, keyboard setting and slow computer...


I used to use combination of "Alt Gr" + "V" keys to write "@", but when I tried it with evernote desktop app running in background this key combination worked as shortcut for creating new note from some another app.


When I typed "Alt Gr" + "V" nothing happened, I tried it maybe tree times and than I used another key combination for @, but some slow evernote service noticed shortcut for "Create new note" and made new note tree times after 5-10 second each.



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