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Is there a way to search-and-locate a text within a note?





I'm badly surprised by situation when I cannot find in Evernote on Android device (SGS3) any possibility to search-and-locate a text within a single note. :-(

So, I cannot find a simple text pattern within my article which I was wrote in Evernote.


I belive that is HUGE CONCEPTUAL BUG in user interface.


Could you please advice - if there is such possibility exists (search-and-locate a text within a single note) and how to find it if yes?

If not, how to reach Evernote dev team to make them fix it?


Thank you in advance.

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Sadly, this is not possible and is a significant deficiency with longer notes in EN on Android.


I imagine the Android dev team are aware of this, since EN staff do monitor these forums, but no news of a fix for this.

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