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overwrite text in a note on Windows desktop


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In my earlier post, I was actually talking about overwriting text letter by letter in Evernote on my Windows desktop, not in iOS - the desktop keyboard does have an 'Insert' key. I want to achieve the same result as I would usiing the Insert key in another programme.

Not sure how to respond to your response so am making it a 'new topic'

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Hi - if you want to respond to a post,  just scroll down;  the Reply window should be at the bottom of the page.  If you don't see it,  scroll all the way to the top and log in!


..And in Windows,  if you tap the 'insert' key on your keyboard it should go into overwrite mode which will replace text rather than include it.  Don't forget to tap 'insert' again to go back to normal operations.  If you're replacing a block of text,  just highlight the block and start typing

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