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Toolbar no longer quick access on right

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I am using Premium Evernote cross platform on both Windows & Mac. Until yesterday I was accessing the format bar on the right hand side of the note I was typing. This gave options to attach documents, bullet points, check lists, etc... To make changes to font, underline, etc I simply needed to highlight the text it was to change.  


On entering Evernote today this feature is no longer available. All the features mentioned are not accessible through the preferred quick access point mentioned. I am now required to access this at the very top of the screen.


This may seem like a minor, but as someone who works from Evernote as the main workplace it does save lots of time. Can anyone advise as to how I can activate the quick access point I would like to use??


Any guidance would be really appreciated. I have the most recent version of Evernote.



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Hi.  I don't think I've ever seen a toolbar on the right of the note in either of the desktop versions or either version of the web client.  Can you give us a screenshot of the layout you see now?  And maybe indicate where you saw the format tools previously?


Edit: Cancel that - see https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86803-floating-text-tool-palate-text-element-sidebar-gone/ I guess it's the floating toolbar you are looking for.

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Hi.., thanks for the reply.


Yes - I had a tool bar, which was situated on the right within the body of the text. It was really useful & allowed me to create bullet points, attach documents etc. A condensed version of the toolbar, which now appears at the very top of each note. But.., it's gone.. Lost forever, but such a cool tool.


It's not major, I just thought I may have clicked something by mistake to deactivate it. Turns out it is not a common tool for Evernote users.  


Is it common for Evernote users to experience a difference service?

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Evernote seem to have 'improved' the floating toolbar into the version you see now (see the other thread).  There's a constant theme of adding and improving features,  which -occasionally- has unfortunate results...

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I personally thought the floating popup formatting toolbar on the Web beta was really convenient. Apparently (they say) it was not intuitive enough for many people. The Web beta is becoming a lot less unique now. They also did away with the fade out of all non-essential elements as one typed in full-screen mode. A pity.


The Web beta serves as a great example of Evernote's bend-ability (in an alternative reality). They're listening to users and have a list of recognized missing features, including multi-selection of notes and nesting of tags. That's a good thing... but I wish they would keep some of the novel features and add in the other practical ones.

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