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Web Clipper not working on Safari 5.1.10


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You mean the Evernote Web Clipper doesn't work anymore on Safari 5/OX 10.6 ? Or it doesn't work for PDF files with Safari 5 ? Because the web clipper is working but not with PDF files, or at least, not with this PDF file.


What about the app ? It's working now. Will i expect a bad new soon ? Thank you

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Ok, thx for added details. If you can send the URL to the PDF we can test against it and troubleshoot from there. 


In terms of support I'm saying that we don't test and will not fix issues that are specific to the unsupported version, in this case Safari 5.1.10. If it works it's great but if the problem doesn't reproduce on Safari 6 and up we are not likely to fix it. 

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