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Highlighting: suggestion & bug





This message is composed by two topics about Evernote Web Clipper: the first is a suggestion and the other is a problem (bug).


The suggestion:

It would be good to have at least two colors avaiable for highlighting information into Web Clipper (and into Evernote as well), to be possible to differentiate important topics by their highlight color. This is specially important for reading (and clipping) blog content.


The bug:

I always highlight texts and clip them through Web Clipper; and I've noticed a very annoying bug. Very frequently, when I finish reading and highlighting a text and save it, when I look at the note inside Evernote, the text is not fully highlighted as I previously did (it "stops recording" my highlights at some random point). This is a incredible annoying bug, specially in long texts, when I lose a big chunk of highlighted information, and have to dedicate a lot of time to highlight it again.


Please, fix this bug as soon as possible. I love Evernote, it is very important to my workflow: and I want to keep loving it.



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