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Full-width web page screenshots or full page clips


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I can't find a way to prevent a full page note from being shown at a narrow fixed width.


This old topic seems in line with what my question is about:


If I take a screenshot, it's just what I can see in the browser viewport. If I clip the whole page in the full page or article options, it ends up squished as a narrow column in the note. For example: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s120/sh/1c3ec8f6-2a60-4f90-96b2-80975e241228/6fe3d1fa5073d1d150d906a8365cb106

I'd really like to take a screenshot of the entire page so I can add comments in skitch. My intention in the last link was to show a jenkins configuration and provide notes to team members on it's setup. Evernote proves useless for that. I can imagine it works for blog posts and sites designed to be a fixed narrow width but that doesn't help me.


Please tell me there is a setting somewhere that will allow me to take full page screenshots or clip full pages in a non-fixed width manner!

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