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Can we have a set of "Favorite" notebooks in Scannable, and TextExpander API support?

Tony Shadwick


I had thought I'd submitted this last week, but maybe not...


I have a handful of notebooks I use reguarly.  I'd like it if we could have a short list of favorite notebook targets along with defaults.  The two most common I use are "2015 Receipts" (whatever this year is) and "Bills and Invoices".  Having to constantly run those two down is a small irritation.


The other is what the default name of the document is.  If we could set that it would be nice.  That brings me to TextExpander support.  I have a TextExpander snippet that will automatically produce "yyyymmdd - " for me, where today would be "20150722 - ".  If the TextExpander SDK were supported, I could set my default document name to ";td" and it would automatically populate that for me, and in fact I could create snippets for my most common document titles, reducing keystrokes down to 2-3 before I'm ready to save.


So yeah, all about reducing down the workflow.  Snap, tap, tap, tap, done.


TextExpander SDK:


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