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Not enough memory for a single text note

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I just upgraded to Evernote Premium yesterday.  I had been using Evernote on my phone successfully for a long time. My first note after the upgrade was blocked with a message of "insufficient memory".  It mentioned 175 mb, but the context was unclear. This was a simple text note.


My questions are:


1) What is the default memory allocation for a text note?

2) Can I change/reduce this setting in the app?

3) Is the default size related in any way to Premium Evernote?  In other words, does the Base version create smaller text notes?  If so, I will need to revoke my Premium memebership. I don't have that kind of memory to spare, just to take notes.


Please respond.  I can't take a single text note!

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thanks for that. my problem is clear. on my phone there is no way I can devote 200 mb to a single note. I assume the app tries to reserve the memory right from the start. if you donNt use it all, it gets deallocated. that doesn't workfor me at least not on the phone. those limits are fine for the computer. it seems they should make the phone notes smaller to start. all I can do is stop my Premium membership and go down to Plus

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Evernote does not reserve 200MB for each note created.

The app only uses the memory required for each note.

As content is created, the note uses more memory, until it reaches the 200MB limit.


You should file a support ticket to see if our support team can help you track down the problem related to the symptom you are seeing.

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I hate to disagree, but these are the facts:


1) When I click new tex note, the app stops me, with the message "XXX mb available".  It is always whatever memory I have available, with on my device is around 175 mb.  In other words, the message is always saying "175 mb is not enough to even start the text note."


The other factor is that I never had those errors when using the free membership.  I can see from the max sizes listed above that they are all well under 50 mb for the lower membership levels, and this was working for me.


So, there is definitely in increase in initial required memory, and, it is definitely taken from the phone pool and not the SD card (I read this in other documentation, with an explanation of why this was the case).


I think it would be preferable for all users to start each note with a smaller request, and, if at all possible, fall back on SD memory, if there is not enough on the phone.


As for a ticket, I created one several days ago.  I was asked for the logs, which I sent immediately.  I even opened another ticket last night, with a proposed solution.  haven't heard back.  


I'm fine with going back to Plus membership, because I am certain the problem will go away.  And that is what I will do by Monday, if I don't get a response.  I do think there is a great way to solve this, for all your customers.  Hope you can help.

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