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List view function improvements

Michael Goulding

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Hi, I'm increasing finding the list view useful, but I'm in need of two things to make it brilliant.


1. Be able to see a column for reminder set and/or reminder time (or at the very least to see reminders at the top similar to snippet view)

2. Be able to put the note pane to the right of the list rather than below.


The ability to sort the list view fast by any parameter and see a longer list of results is very good, but these two factors hold me back from using it all the time. I'm forever hitting F5 to toggle between views.

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Oh YES! Awesome thanks for that, much more useful on the big screens! I played with all sorts of shortcuts that would toggle the note list altogether but didn't find this one. Since it is possible with a shortcut, maybe there should be a simple menu option for 'note panel position'


Thanks for the tip!

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Yes, I find this Vertical View very powerful. I use it 98% of the time in Evernote.


Here is a screen grab with the left panel toggled off (F10)



The Vertical List View was released back in 2012, but Evernote has been quite silent about this wonderful option.

Their silence makes me uneasy.

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Relative to #1, no way at this point to get reminder in a column.  You can however do a search like remindertime:20100101 -remindertime:day+1 -reminderdonetime:20100101 to only have notes in the list view that have an open reminder date up to today.

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A couple of releases back, don't remember exactly which, EN made some fixes to reminder search capabilities.  There were workarounds prior to that, but they cleaned up some of the day logic.  Since, and I suppose even before then, I haven't had any issues with search results.  Other than the occasional cockpit error, typically in Snippet view, when I haven't used the reminderdonetime parameter and the reminders total is different than the note total.  Then I realize what I have done, hit my forehead, and move on.  Reminder search results have been spot on for me.  If you are getting bad results you might consider a support ticket.


Just had a thought, don't know if this still exists, but I seem to remember that if you added a reminder (no date) to a note and then cleared the reminder that note may still appear in an all reminders search.  Don't know if that is the issue you are having.  FWIW.

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