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Problems with text editing a note in iOS



I have found -- in the previous and current iOS update of Evernote (7.7.9) -- that once I've started typing in a note, and while the sentence I want to edit sits at the top of the edit screen, it will not allow me to select existing text when I'm trying to edit it.  I can place the cursor into a word, although sometimes with difficulty, but the option to select will not appear.  This is primarily with the first couple words of a sentence.


If I scroll the note down so that the sentence is sitting in the middle of the screen, and try to select the same initial words of the sentence, the first sentence suddenly jumps back to the top of the edit screen.




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Yeah this is a real problem when the first line of text needs editing.  For some reason the Evernote app wants to keep the first line at the top of the screen as long as the cursor is in the text field.  


PS to get the menu to "select" text to show (the fact that is doesn't is a bug known to Evernote for some time) place the cursor where you need it and then scroll the screen slightly.  The menu should then pop up.  But this may not solve the issue in this case because the place you want to select text is the top line.

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