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How to view which notebook a note came from:

Desktop: tap the More Info button while viewing the note.

iPhone: tap the Details button while viewing the note.

Website: tap Note Attributes while viewing the note.

I agree however that the Evernote team should decide on one word and stick with it…currently they use "More Info," "Details," and "Note Attributes" to do the same thing.

How to tag a whole notebook with a certain note:

There is no way to automatically do this, but it's pretty easy to do manually.

1. Select all notes in the notebook (Command A on Mac, Control A on PC)

2. Drag all of those notes into the tag on the left-side.

If you have a Mac, a quick Applescript or Automator script should be able to do the trick…let me know if you want me to try to whip one up.

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