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Paid members can no longer email Evernote support?

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I went to send an email to Evernote as I have several times before (for a feature request in this case) and I see a note that says only Premium members can send emails to the EN support team.


Now, on the one hand I don't mind so much that a free user doesn't have the option to contact support. But I am a Plus member (previously a Premium and grateful for the new tier system for my needs), which means I pay real, actual money to Evernote. And still I can't email for a little help if I need it?


That's a little messed up. Maybe Premium members get their messages answered more quickly, but giving me no option whatsoever? Wow. 

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Hi.  Plus is a new product,  and I think there are still a few glitches in Evernote systems when it comes to dealing with the new tier.


According to the product comparison here - https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452 - the various levels of support are:


Free - Community support
Plus - Evernote agent support
Prem - Priority Evernote agent support and chat
Bus - Dedicated Business Evernote agent support and chat


You can still post features requests here,  and if you wish to get a support request through the system,  try choosing "bug report" at the first drop-down on the support page.

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Oh interesting--so if I'm reporting a bug it does let me go through to a support person.


OK, well that's better than nothing I suppose! At least I can get support when I'm paying. A tad disconcerting that not all options in the dropdown allow me to go through.


Thank you for the info!

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Well it seems to me you should get "Evernote agent support" as advertised - maybe your first bug report should be that the support system isn't working correctly for Plus users..  ;)

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