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(Archived) EN tries to connect to webadresses in an opened note. why?

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hi all,

i made a web-clip, using the firefox extesion for EN.

on this web-clip, there were a lot of links.

because i have a tool, called little snitch, installed, which is a program that informs the user, if a program is trying to access the internet and where the program wants to go, i get noticed, that EN wants to connect to a website which i really do not assume EN needs to connect with.

after a bit of research, i found that inside the web-clip are some links, which contain those URL/websites which EN wants to connect.

i now want to know, why is EN going to connect to the LINKS/URL inside a webclip?

EN does this some time, i open the note, which contains those LINKS/URL, and i really do not want EN to do this.

how can i stop this behaviour? or is this just for downloading images and iframes of the originally webpage ?

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When you clip a note, we store it as a subset of HTML. On the Mac client, we display this HTML within the WebKit engine, which is part of OS X Safari.

If your clip contains any unresolved images, we may need to follow those img URLs to retrieve the image for display in the note. We shouldn't be doing anything with normal web links like:

[url="http://forum.evernote.com/"]Go To The Forum[/url]

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