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Merge Cells in Table



I had the need to create a table with merge cells, so that I could export it as .enex file, which I can import to create multiple notes. 

That way I can keep the format as consistent as possible, I read through here but no luck, talked to support and they said evernote does not support etc. 


So for fun

  1. I created a table of my desired format in Pages and in MS word. Copied the table and pasted in evernote. 
  2. Then exported as .enex file and saved it on desktop 
  3. Imported back to evernote. 

it works. see the attached screenshot. I am not sure why Evernote could not support this feature in their native app. This is like basic formatting. If import to evernote failed then I can understand that in general it can not support but importing worked like a charm. 




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Workaround can be to edit the table using a WYSIWYG html editor.  Export the note to the desktop in HTML, make the change, and then import back into EN.   Takes less than a minute if it is just a couple of cells.  I also use the editor to add background color to some cells.  I don't know HTML.

Fairly painless process until/if EN adds the functionality.  Make a duplicate note before you try it obviously.

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