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why the size of an image change so drastically?

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I scan a document with Scannable and upload it to Evernote has image (jpg)

I see in EN that the file size is 84 kB.

Then I edit the image using the annotation tools only to cut off a portion of the image, which then becomes smaller.
After saving, the file size is 384 kB, ie more than four times higher!!!

Can someone explain why this happens? Any solution?

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This is a known issue that has been reported many times, but Evernote has failed to fix.


Since you are on a Mac, you lots of other great options to work on images:

  • Mac Preview app  (lots of little known features)
  • SnagIT   (my fav, free trial available)
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Thanks for the reply, JM

I searched the forum, but apparently not sufficiently.



I try with preview, I only trim the image, and now from 84kB change to 250 kB. !!

So, may be it is not an Evernote problem

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