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Premium Account Unlimited Upload Allowance

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Premium Account Unlimited Upload Allowance


There have been several reports recently by users of Premium accounts that they got some type of warning email after making a surge of uploads.


I just wanted to report that I have NOT received any emails from Evernote, warning or otherwise, after my surge of uploads over the last 2-3 days.


My surge:  TOTALS:   Notes: 215     Size:: 243.27 MB     Time Period:  3 days


I imagine that a surge is a relative term, and 243MB may not be very much for some users.  But for me this is a significant surge over my normal daily uploads, even though I have over 13K Notes.


All of these Notes contain at least 1 PDF, but 95%+ of the PDFs are text based vs image/scanned based, and are relatively small.  The largest PDF is about 28MB, and the average is about 1.1MB.


I guess my point is that whether you view this as a small or large surge, for me it was quite above normal.  My normal being  < 20 notes/day with only 1 or 2 PDFs attached.  So my surge is about 10X my normal.


Yet I did NOT receive any warnings or objections from Evernote.

So, for me, unlimited upload is in fact unlimited.

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