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Sort by relevance in search results



I normally set evernote to sort notes alphabetically. When I search for a term in a notebook, evernote returns all of the notes that contain that term, but in alphabetical order. It would be much more convenient if it could sort by relevance. Looking around the forum it seems that evernote can sort by relevance, but I don't know how to turn this feature on.


How can I make evernote sort search results by relevance?


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How can I make evernote sort search results by relevance?


Sort by relevance is an option that has been in EN Mac for some time now.

I forget exactly when it was introduced, but it was some time last year, maybe as part of the EN Mac "Natural Language" or "Descriptive" Search update.

See Evernote for Mac 5.6 improves note editor and search tools


At one point in an EN Blog, Evernote stated they planned to introduce this new Search to other platforms.

So maybe EN Win will see it in a future update.

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