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Editing Shortcuts in Evernote

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I am looking for editing shortcuts which I think is a major barrier in creating useful notes Fast. 


Is there a way to make shortcuts. I use the following commands pretty frequently. 


- Indentation 

- Headline font ( selects color, makes it bold)

- comment font (selects color and font type ) 

- bullets


I need to keep switching between these and a few more commands. Using the mouse to do it is just too time consuming. What is the best way to create these shortcuts? An external app that will help me customize shortcuts for all the editing.  


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Hi.  Have a look at text expanders like Phrase Express - http://www.phraseexpress.com/ - they will do a lot more than just expand a key combination into a longer text,  and you can build up your own library of key shortcuts to various features like date stamps and conditional phrases.  They'll work with Evernote (and any other apps you use).

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Thanks for the reply. 


My case is - I want the next few words to be of this color, this font. I type ctrl + alt + 1. It gets selected. 

Then I want to come back to regular font, black color - I type ctrl + alt + 0.


For some other other font , color along with indendation , I type ctrl + alt + 5.  and to come back to original I type ctrl + alt + 0. 


I am surprised someone hasn't come with a software for this. This is so essential for people who work long hours in powerpoint or word. 

But, somebody working a lot on those applications aren't necessarily powerusers. Thus, they would probably be happy dragging the mouse around selecting ane thing after another. 

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Found exactly what I was looking for. Autohotkey is the answer - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40673-archived-create-predefined-heading-fonts-for-windows/


example :- if you want Teal color, bold font size 12 just by pressing ctrl + 5


Then , 


Send ^d
WinWait Font
Send {Tab}Bold{Tab}12{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}t{Enter} 



If you look at the URL and the docs for autohotkey, there is a bunch of things that can be customized. 

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